Research and innovation are key drivers of progress in Rhineland-Palatinate with its strong SME sector. The use of cutting-edge technologies is an important factor for success. The aim of the state government is to ensure a secure planning framework, (further) develop strategies and provide tailor-made funding instruments. This will grow the competitiveness of science and industry, along with their competitive advantages, and will create and secure jobs. This is of particular benefit to small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), which often do not have their own R&D infrastructure.

The state has a dense network of universities and research institutions. For the ongoing development of its scientific landscape, Rhineland-Palatinate is employing coordinated measures to address priority topics and areas of growth. For example, it has succeeded in attracting top researchers in key areas, establishing and expanding research infrastructure, further developing non-university institutions, establishing regional research alliances, and supporting universities in raising their profile so as to strengthen their competitive position in research.